Application of BIM methodologies for the construction of the new bridge over the Dão River

Bruno Ribeiro

University of Minho


BIM is more and more present on all the phases of buildings life cycle. Among all the people involved in this activity, builders are the ones who can take greater advantage of the potentialities inherent to the regular and systematic adoption of this innovative methodology.

Bridges have particularities, either in project phase or in construction preparation and planning, which have delayed the application of BIM concept and methodology to this type of structures. Notwithstanding, BIM techniques begin to spread so wide in the context of bridges design and construction, and with such a relevance and specificity that led to the emergence of its own designation of Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM).

This work describes a practical application on a case study about the construction of a new bridge over Dão river, whose constructor is the contractor CASAIS, S.A., in which it sought to implement the BrIM methodology in parallel with the traditional one either for the preparation of the work as for its planning.

It was also given emphasis to the limitations of the platforms/tools adopted, as well to the perspective about the difficulties of implementation in the context of the productive process, in particular bearing in mind that this is currently held by professionals more accustomed to traditional procedures.

With this pilot application, sought to obtain conclusions about this specific implementation, with special emphasis on the advantages that can be harvested by adopting BIM approaches in this type of constructions and on dissemination of new ways to treat and assess the information generated.


See the Master thesis here -> https://repositorium.sdum.uminho.pt/handle/1822/40638?locale=en

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